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"I am terrible with organization. It is something I have struggled with for years! I vowed to change that this year and purchased Simply Organized to help me organize my house and my life. It was the best money I have ever spent! I love creating systems to make life easier and going through this pack has helped me reduce stress, keep my family organized and keep me on track with my daily goals. Worth every penny!"

Rebecca @ Simply Intentional Life

About Simply Organized

Overwhelmed by life and all of the things I had to accomplish as both a mom and wife, I set out to get my life organized. While I'm a total fan of baskets and bins, these just weren't the items that could help me this time!

I had too many things spinning through my head and I desperately needed a way to get them down on paper. However, I would reach for scrap papers and multiple notebooks. All of my notes, to-do lists, meal plans, and cleaning schedules were turning into clutter...exactly what I was trying to avoid!

Can you relate?

That's when I turned to my computer and set out to create an organizational system that would not only help me to get all of the to-do lists out of my head, but also keep everything neat and tidy at the same time! That's when Simply Organized was born.

Simply Organized is a collection of over 100 pages of printables that you can use to get your life and home organized and stay that way. Need a weekly meal plan? How about 3? What about a cleaning schedule that fits your life? We've got you covered! Do you struggle with goal setting and time management? There are over 20 printables to help you with that! 

No need to have loose paper floating around or sticky notes everywhere! You can organize it all into a simple binder.

If you are ready to take control of your home and stop spinning your wheels trying to stay on top of everything, then Simply Organized is for you. It's a simple system that you can use to fit your family's needs. You can take what will work and leave the rest. 

Plus, I will walk you through the step by step process of setting up your binder for success! You shouldn't be working to keep up with your house. Let Simply Organized do the work for you!

@ The Teacher's Wife

"Kaitlin knocked it out of the part with her Simply Organized printable pack. She left no stone unturned! She covered every aspect of managing a home and the printables are so beautiful that I want to dive in right away. I feel empowered and equipped to manage my home, all from the pages of this beautiful binder!"

Sarah @ The Teacher's Wife

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